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Octane Q47xi Home Elliptical

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Octane Octane Q47xi Home Elliptical
Octane Fitness Ellipticals

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Octane Q47xi Home Elliptical

The top-of-the-line Q47xi elliptical machine delivers health club quality form, function and results to your home gym. These premium ellipticals are the most ergonomically advanced and technologically superior elliptical machines available. Designed to help you commit to and maintain a fitter lifestyle, they are built to last and perform exceptionally.

Equipped with SmartStride, CROSS CiRCUIT, the ability to interact with your tablet via the new SmartLink app – and thereby become your virtual personal trainer – and a slew of challenging workouts, the Q47xi is clearly unmatched.

The exclusive Octane Fitness SmartStride feature automatically adjusts the stride length to replicate walking, jogging and running.

Octane SmartLink

The best elliptical workouts just got even smarter – and so did you – with SmartLink, the unique app that becomes your best workout partner. SmartLink links your fitness goals to real results – with custom designed workouts and tracking to keep you progressing and staying motivated!

Plus, because everything is conveniently stored on the device you know and carry with you all the time, there's no learning curve. All you do is download the app and get moving.

** Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0; 3rd generation iPad or above; iOS 6.0 or later.

Octane Q47xi Console

Octane SmartLight

The Q47xi console accommodates your iPad with three placement options – Watch, Read and Surf. The large display screen simultaneously displays all your workout data, and only Octane offers SmartLight technology.

SmartLight signals how hard you're exercising, if you're in your target heart rate zone and when to prepare for the next interval in a Workout Booster or CROSS CiRCUIT. Now that's smarter training.

Octane Q47xi Console

Octane Q47xi Console Features.

  • Premium, high polished display screen
  • 74 workout programs with SmartLink
  • 3 placement options for a tablet – watch, read, surf
  • Simultaneously displays essential workout data
  • Wireless heart rate with a FREE Polar® heart rate strap
  • Electronically adjustable stride
  • Customized Workout Boosters
  • Pair of resistance bands
  • 3-speed console fan
Octane Q47xi Home Elliptical


This exclusive Octane Fitness feature automatically adjusts the stride length to replicate walking, jogging and running. It mimics what you do naturally outside – when you walk, you have a shorter stride; and when you start running, your stride automatically lengthens. Not only does this feel comfortable, but it adds variety and challenge to workouts.

The Q47 adjustable stride length is from 18" - 26" so it comfortably fits every user in your home. The Q47 is truly the most comfortable elliptical machine that allows your body to move the way nature intended.

Real Running Motion.

Designed based on precise human biomechanics, Octane elliptical machines deliver supremely comfortable natural movement and flow, both forward and backward, without stress on the joints, which is ideal for all levels of exercisers.

Upper-Body Ergonomics.

The patented, one-of-the-kind Converging Path and MultiGrip handlebars better engage the upper body and fit every exerciser comfortably. With MultiGrip handlebars, you can target different arm, chest and back muscles simply by changing your grip. The MultiGrip handlebars also feature contact heart rate sensors and fingertip controls to easily adjust the speed and resistance.

Cross Circuit.

Combining cardio and strength intervals leads to better overall conditioning and can yield faster fitness results. Research shows that interval training surpasses steady-state cardio exercise when it comes to burning calories, increasing endurance, boosting metabolism and maintaining motivation.

The SmartLink app delivers five workout programs and more than 225 pre-designed routines, so you can capitalize on multiple options to keep workouts fresh, motivating and effective. Choose from golf strength, cycle strong, yoga stretch, shoulder and back strength and much more.

Cross Circuit+ Kit.

All Octane Fitness elliptical bases have connection points to attach the resistance CROSS CiRCUIT Powerbands at the front, along the sides and at the back of the machine. For even more versatility, a CROSS CiRCUIT Kit includes two side steps, which let you take your legs out of the action and isolate your upper body, along with three additional sets of Powerbands to vary resistance for different exercises or to add challenge as you progress.


  • Space-Efficient Design. Significantly shorter than other premium elliptical machines or treadmills, the Q47 fits virtually anywhere at home. With its low step-up height and rear access, it's simple for everyone to get on and off safely. Ceiling height clearance is only 8" higher than the tallest user, so it can easily be placed in areas with low ceilings.
  • Durability. Octane Fitness delivers premium, ultra-durable ellipticals that are built to deliver long-lasting, superior performance. Home elliptical machines are subject to the same rigorous testing and uncompromising standards that Octane is known for in order to produce high-quality equipment that offers reliable operation and ease of ownership.
  • MultiGrip and Converging Path Handlebars
  • Low step-up height - 5″ (12.7cm)
  • Soft grip pedals, Pedal Spacing 1.8″ (4.6cm)
  • Electronic Features include Multi-color SmartLight, MOM mode, SmartLink Compatibility, Polar® wireless heart rate, Bluetooth® 4.0 and ANT+ compatible, and Digital contact heart rate on moving handlebars
  • 14 programs on console
  • SmartLink Workouts include 12 Lose Weight, 18 Feel Better, 12 Tone Up, and 30 Athletic Performance
Frame Lifetime
Parts, excluding Powerbands 5 Years
Parts, Powerbands 90 days
Labor 1 Year
Max User Weight 300lbs (136kg)
Footprint 28" x 72" (71 x 183cm)
Footprint - Live Area 31" x 83" (79 x 211cm)
Product Weight 290lbs (132Kg)
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account_circleMandy Lee

Rating of 60 out of 100

Disappointed in Octane

I purchased this beast the weekend before Wisconsin shut their gyms due to Covid (Early March 2020). I was elated that I beat the rush, and I had my own absolutely amazing machine, in my own home. Years ago, I used Octane products at the gym I went to, so I knew that these workouts could be extremely customized. This is a very functional, versatile machine. It has an engaging workout for everybody. (I even paid for the upgraded control panel, which allows you to use the Octane app, which does not have Samsung compatibility. The console also allows for special upper body, lower body and "x-mode" workouts!) Considering I live in Wisconsin, and our winters can be brutal, I figured having this machine would be a wonderful substitution for outdoor fitness during the colder months. When I showed up at Johnson, I told them I wanted an adjustable stride product, which could accommodate both myself (5'3"), and my 6'1" boyfriend. This machine lives in my basement, which has a drop ceiling, and since the pedals don't have much "rise," it works very well for him! It's worth mentioning that he has never been one for cardio equipment, and even he loves this machine. Between the two of this, we used this a vast majority of the days, however in summer, we naturally moved our fitness back outside. Around the last week of 2020, an error popped up on the screen "22 left stride." The machine was, and still is, in factory warranty. I read the customer warranty booklet that came with the machine, and I had the option to contact Johnson or Octane directly to handle this issue. The service at Johnson was absolutely fantastic, so I called them to report the problem. A week or so later I got an email saying that Johnson had received my complaint, and that if it was covered by the manufacturer, the manufacturer would be contacting me to set up an in-house service appointment. Weeks go by, no call from Octane. I call Johnson back and ask what's going on. I'm told Octane was sold to some other company, and they just aren't doing that great of a job with customer service right now. I'm told the manager will contact Octane again, but I may have even better luck contacting Octane directly. (Now I'm worried. I also purchased an extended warranty on this machine from Johnson, and they have made it clear they are in the business of excuses, not service.) So here I am, a month and some later, still no call from Octane, and Johnson can't be bothered to call me to see how things are going. I paid over $5000 for my machine, the manufacturer doesn't care that the product is having an issue, and Johnson doesn't see the need for repeat customers. This is a really fun piece of workout equipment! There is so much variety to be had here, it could easily be the only piece of cardio equipment you have (which could also save you money and space), but it needs to actually work. There are few other adjustable stride products on the market, so I feel like Octane has a wonderful advantage in the cardio world, but how disappointing that they won't stand by their own warranty. Ideally I could give this product a 5 star review, and whoever bought Octane a 1 star, but that isn't an option.

Reviewed on 02/20/2021

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