Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair

Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair

JHTW-JP1100 | Rating

Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair


Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair

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Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair

The Deepest Relief For Sore Muscles

The high-performance JP1100 4D massage chair is expertly crafted by master Japanese technicians and is the first Japanese massage chair to ever feature a foot roller. This chair was produced in conjunction with the company that first invented massage chairs in 1954, so you know you’re getting top-of-the-line innovation.

The JP1100 features the world’s most advanced dual layer body scan and the most advanced 4D style massage robot. The chair can auto detect your spine and shoulder position to optimize the depth and specific pressure points of the massage, giving you a personalized massage experience every time. It also includes an intuitive touchscreen controller, bringing a varied, world-class massage to your fingertips. Available in three colors: black, beige and espresso.

Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair

Lay Back and Relax

“Near 180° flat recline” is a high-quality sleeping position allowing the user to stretch out nearly flat opening all the tissues of the back to massage optimizing the feeling of comfort and massage. An almost flat sleeping position is achieved due to the unique frame structure. Now during a longer massage you can relax and allow your body tissues to open freely allowing the massage robot to more effectively massage the affected area.

“Power stretch” increases the effectiveness of the massage and loosens and relaxes muscles like you've never experienced before. These safe stretches increase massage effectiveness by targeting hard to reach muscle tissues and groups.

Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair

Double Warm Heater

“Dual heaters” warm up around erector spinae muscles and the soles of the feet. The dual heater works to stimulate blood flow and bring blood to the surface of the skin where the massage rollers can stimulate the tissue to enhance circulation. These heaters also loosen stiff muscles, enabling a more effective massage. Heaters can also be used independently.

Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair

Focus On The Feet with Shiatsu Reflexology

The sole of the foot supports the whole body, absorbs a lot of impact and is prone to fatigue. Proper care for the feet is essential to health. The JP1100 massage chair has a special roller and airbag designed to target the plantar fascia muscles in the arch of the foot. This special function utilizes Shiatsu massage movements while holding the foot securely with the air compression system located near the ankles and insteps simultaneously. It also promotes improved blood circulation when coupled with the integrated foot heaters.

When you apply all three of these foot components at once, you’ll realize the full benefits of acupressure and the most ecstatic foot massage of your life!

Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair

Full Color Touchscreen Controls

The clear, colorful display and menu configuration allow you to easily select programs and control the pressure and location of your massage.

An Abundance of Programming for Every Need

The JP1100 boasts 21 automatic programs including four 30-minute programs, numerous 16-minute loops and six different kinds of concentrated massage. There’s a program for every ache and pain or to simply give you a boost of energy and vitality.

Labor 5 Years
Parts/Frame 5 Years
Weight Limit 300 lbs
Power Recline & Rise Yes
Commercial Grade Yes
Recline Angle 110-157
Programs 21
Heat Foot and Back
Made in Japan
Foot Rest Extension Yes, motorized
Advanced Body Scan Dual Layer (Worlds most avanced)
Upholstery material Synthetic Leather (PVC)
Frame Material Steel
Key Components Made by Hitachi
Assemblers Fujiiryoki Japan (Est 1954)
Foot Roller Yes
Deep Tissue Yes
Compliance cETL or cTUVus (high level safety certificate)
Memory Yes (build your own program from scratch)
Massage Features
Airbags 28 - LLDPE for rapid response
Massage head 2 Ball 4D Massage Head
Massage head extension 5inch
Customization • On the fly massage strength control
• On the fly airbag strength control
• Independent control of foot roller and air bag reagion strengths
Methods 85 Massage Techniques
Controller • Intuitive, easy to use controller
• Touchscreen
Assembled upright (LxWxH) 54.33in x 30in x 49.2in
Assembled Reclined (LxWxH) 78.75in x 34.65in x 29.15in
In-box 30in x 46.5in x 48in
Weight inbox 216lbs
Assembled weight 171lbs

Customer Ratings & Reviews


Love it

by Bill on 05/02/2019

This chairs back massage is the best I've tried and I tried several chairs before I settled on this one. It's got the best deep massage of any chair on the market.


Synca JP1100 4D Message chair

by Michael Griesmayer on 05/25/2019

I have owned this chair since Dec 2018.One reason I choose this chair is the country of origin which is Japan.Where it was built


Love this chair

by Roman K. on 06/16/2019

Guys I just got the JP 1100 a few weeks ago and I'm in love with it, the massage it gives me makes me feel like I've been on vacation, the back massage strength is unbelievable, it feels like a person is doing it, I'm just very pleased, made in Japan, awesome quality, just an awesome massage chair.


Love this Massage chair

by Roman K. on 06/16/2019

Guys I just got the JP 1100 a few weeks ago and I'm in love with it, the massage it gives me makes me feel like I've been on vacation, the back massage strength is unbelievable, it feels like a person is doing it, I'm just very pleased, made in Japan, awesome quality, just an awesome massage chair.


Love my Synca JP

by Roman K. on 06/27/2019

Guys this chair is the best thing I've bought for myself, my back is so much happier with therapy from using this 4D massage chair daily, the quality of it is so nice, the strength of the back massage is unbelievable, expensive, but well worth it in my opinion.


#1 chair out of 20

by Chris on 07/02/2019

I have been testing massage chairs for the last 4 years. I goto all the markets and sit in every chair. I look for some major factors. Neck / Lower Back and Foot Roller. Each chair will do one thing better than the next. So what you're looking for is a chair that hits the major needs for you. This chair is by far the best in neck / Back / and foot roller chair. Other chairs try confuse you by adding lights and air filters to say it's better. 2 rollers are 5000% better than 4 if you're looking for a deep tissue massage. They have more control and can even pop your back.


Great Massage Chair

by Fleck on 07/02/2019

This is an amazing massage chair. My husband and I both have severe back issues. We both get massages, chiropractic care, physical therapy, fascial stretching and this has been added to our routine. Hoping to cut down on all of these things so that we can just use the chair. It massages you from your head to your toes. Still playing with all the different settings to see what all it has to offer. It's comfortable and simple to use. The customer service from Nicholas has been amazing. He helped us get this chair at a more reasonable price than what it was priced at the store. If it hadn't been for him we couldn't have afforded it. So for that we are forever grateful. I highly recommend it!!!



by Lovethelook on 07/02/2019

I've had long time issues in my upper back and neck from a car accident I had when I was younger and I've been a long time massage chair owner as a result. I was looking for a new chair and the neck and shoulder massage this chair can do is the best I have ever felt. I can't say enough about the quality of the neck and shoulder massage on this chair, I haven't felt relief like this in years. I highly recommend this chair, plus it doesn't hurt my wife LOVES the foot massage.


Still going

by sumospecial on 07/02/2019

This chair is one of a kind, I have had the chair for a few months now and I still haven't tried all the different functions of the chair. It really seems endless. I had some questions about usage. The service department was really patient with me and stayed on the phone for about 40 min explaining in detail about my chair.



by Lori M on 07/02/2019

I bought this chair for my husband who has struggled with back and neck pain since his high school football days. Now, long days at a desk are killing him and he is a wreck when he gets home. We have had simpler chairs in the past and this is our 3rd massage chair. All I can say is that this chair is like no other I have experienced. It took us a little while, but once we learned about all the manual techniques (pages and pages of them), this chair is the best thing I have ever purchased. There is NEVER a time where we can't find an advanced movement to get in to our tight areas. Our past chair was strong but often hurt, this chair is super strong but seems to never hurt. I am guessing it is a different level of programming as it really does hit all the right areas. I know it was expensive, but compared to our older $4000 chair, the cost is not a factor now. Thanks Synca!


Haven't even received it yet and I love it!

by KHarris92130 on 07/02/2019

I have used this chair several times in a local back care store. I've ordered it and it hasn't even come in yet, but I'm in love! For me, the turning point was the separate shoulder sensor, which detects where my neck and shoulder meet. Having detected where my shoulders lie, the chair proceeded to perform a shoulder and upper back massage that was truly better than any human masseuse. It even knew where my shoulder blades were and wrapped the massage down and out around those bones. It was heavenly. Handy tip: there are numerous programs and options within programs, and the remote control doesn't have great descriptions of the amazing functionality of the chair. Print out and laminate the charts in the user manual that display what can be adjusted in each massage, from both the auto massage and the manual massage menus. Now if only my chair would arrive today...


Classy Chair

by Lovethelook on 07/02/2019

I love that this chair doesn't look huge for for it being a full size chair. The sides come in a bit and it visually looks more trim so you're getting a large full size chair but it doesn't look like those giant spaceship chairs.


Awesome bang for your buck chair

by Greg on 07/02/2019

This has to be one of the best chairs for the money. I used to frequently get full body massages until my wife bought me this chair. I feel just as good if not better than an in person massage when I use this chair. I've never had any issue with the chair and the chair itself is very comfortable. Highly recommend this chair.


Best thing ever bought

by Andy on 07/02/2019

Since purchasing this chair, it has been in daily use. It is remarkable


Fantastic Product

by Glen Allen on 07/02/2019

This is the best massage chair we have tried. Easy to use, great options, looks good. The foot rollers give great relief and the sciatic area massage is terrific.


Best Japanese Chair

by s.chang on 07/02/2019

I had another older chair I had imported from Japan and needed a new one, this chair was the best Made in Japan chair I tested and I didnt have to import it! The neck massage is very good.



by Mr. Jay on 11/04/2019

Wow, if this thing won't make me pregnant, I don't want it.


Best Massage Chair I've Ever Had!!!

by Eric Pfeffer on 11/09/2019

This just got delivered. I've used it for a week and loved it. I bought this item for a great deal for a pre-black Friday sale. Other than all the details mentioned online, I really liked talking to the senior sales manager based in Madison WI. And boy, I tell you, this guy knows this chair inside and out. I had complained that the heat didn't work but really it was just not super hot. Nick very clearly told me 3 ways to enhance the heating feature, which admitted is not as strong as US standard because it was made according to Japanese medical regulations. Beyond that, he even showed me some "hacks" for how to get the most out of the manual mode (for instance, removing the pad behind your neck to get more direct contact with the rollers. That 30-minute phone call made all thoughts of returning the massage chair disappear.

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Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair

Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair

$9,999.99 $8,999.99
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