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Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill

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Horizon Fitness Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill
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Man running on Horizon 7.8 AT treadmill interacting with fitness app

Get in sync with your fitness apps

Streamline your workout with advanced Bluetooth to run through virtual worlds with Zwift, or ramp up your routine by streaming Peloton Digital classes.

*Tablet and subscriptions not included. All trademarks are property of their respective owners, are used for identification purposes only, and do not imply endorsement. Horizon treadmills are not iFit-enabled.

Peloton app icon

Stream a variety of running classes led by world-class trainers with Peloton Digital.

Zwift app icon

Pair your treadmill with Zwift to immerse yourself in a virtual running experience.

Nike NRC app icon

Follow guided audio runs and track your progress with detailed metrics.

STUDIO app icon

Stream HIIT interval runs led by motivating instructors with the STUDIO app.

Multitple app icon

Stream an endless variety of trainer-led fitness classes like Kinomap, Nike Run Club, CardioCast and more.

Peloton App+ icon
notifications New Feature

Now connects to Peloton with an app+ membership*


View live workout metrics in the Peloton app


Easily follow along with Quick Dial controls


Faster speed and incline changes

*Requires a Peloton App+ membership, sold separately. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners, are used for identification purposes only, and do not imply endorsement.

Connect to your content with Bluetooth

Take your fitness to the next level by customizing your workout with the content you love.

  • Bluetooth FTMS lets you connect and interact with your content via console media controls
  • Seamless transmission of your speed and other metrics to popular fitness apps
  • Included Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate strap syncs directly with the Peloton app1
  • Integrated speakers stream media with crisp stereo sound

1 Peloton subscription not included
2 Tablet and subscriptions not included.
3 Enhanced BT connectivity is only available on the new 7.0-03, 7.4-02 and 7.8-02 models sold after August 31st, 2020.

Man interacting with Horizon 7.8 AT treadmill console
Man running on Horizon 7.8 AT treadmill in her family room

With Sprint 8®, get maximum results in minimum time

Proven to burn up to 27% body fat in just 8 weeks, Sprint 8® is a 20-minute high-intensity interval training program with a warm-up and cool-down. More effective than a basic HIIT program, it triggers the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to shed fat, build lean muscle, and boost energy even after you're done. Exclusive to the Horizon Studio Series.

QuickDial™ precision controls

Enjoy faster, smoother interval changes using QuickDial™ controls that simplify speed and incline shifts without breaking your stride. Exclusive to the Horizon Studio Series.

  • Roll the right dial forward to increase your speed, roll it back to decrease speed
  • Roll the left dial forward to go up a hill, roll it back to go down
Close look at the Horizon 7.8 AT treadmill console

Light up your run

Push your interval workouts further with the 60-second countdown timer while viewing all your metrics on dual full-color LCD and LED displays. Stay powered up bringing a phone or tablet to your run, with a rapid-charge USB port and multiple device holder options that don’t block your stats.

Set your feet free with the extra-large deck

Whether you’re a jogger, distance runner, or sprinter this deck gives you freedom to chase your personal best with the durability to handle your toughest workouts.

  • 22" x 60" deck is the standard commercial size, for all the room to run
  • 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning puts flex and support in each phase of your stride
  • Aluminum side rails add extra stability in getting on and off
Woman running on Horizon 7.8 AT showcasing deck size
Man running on a Horizon T101 treadmill

Hit your stride with the Rapid Sync™ motor

Perfect for intervals, this ultra-responsive Johnson Drive System ensures no lags or delays during fast-paced classes. Exclusive to the Horizon Studio Series.

  • Large 4.0 HP drive motor offers 33% faster speed and incline changes
  • 500 lb thrust incline motor takes you up a hill and down again with ease
  • Efficient design keeps the drive system cool during long workouts
  • Durable build for a long-lasting performance

Product specifications


Frame & Motor



5 Year


2 Year

App Integration


Designed for streaming media like Spotify, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube

Interactive Fitness

Engineered for fitness apps like Peloton, Daily Burn and Nike

Connected Fitness

Transmits heart rate data to select apps like Peloton and Zwift with a wireless device


Bluetooth Enabled




USB Port



16 Digit Alphanumeric LED, 9.3" High Contrast Color TFT Screen


5K, Calorie, Custom, Custom HR, Distance, Fat Burn, Heart Rate, Hill Climb, Manual, Sprint 8

Workout Feedback

Calories, Distance, Heart Rate, Incline, Pace, Speed, Time

Heart Rate

Bluetooth Chest Strap Included for Connecting Directly to Popular Training Apps, Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible Receiver, Contact Hand Grips

Quick Controls

In-reach QuickDial Speed and Incline Controls, Custom Interval Keys, One-touch Speed and Incline Quick Keys, Media Controls


Frame Type

FeatherLight Folding

Running Area

22" x 60" XL Deck


3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning


1.6mm, Silicone

Deck Thickness

0.8" (20mm)

Speed Range

0.5 – 12 mph

Incline Range

0 – 15%

Step on Height (inches)

8 3/4”


Not available


Accessory Tray, Aluminum Side Rails, Audio In/Out Jack, Bluetooth Speakers, Custom Interval Keys, Energy Saver Mode, Fan, Media Controls, Multi-position Tablet Holders, Speed & Incline Quick Dial Controls, USB charging (1A/5V), Water Bottle Holder


330 lbs.

Dimensions (L x W x H)

76" x 37" x 64"

Folded (L x W x H)

42" x 37" x 71"

Shipping (L x W x H)

78" x 40" x 13.5"

Estimated Shipping Weight

391 lbs.

Max User Weight

375 lbs.

Electrical Requirements

60Hz - 120V. Not compatible w/ GFCI outlets.

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account_circleJohn Dean

Rating of 100 out of 100

Great upgrade from my older Horizon

I had an older Horizon T7 treadmill that I had for a few years but hadn't used until recently due to problems with my knees and ankles. But once I did start using it daily, I realized I wanted something a bit more robust. I narrowed down my choices to a few in the $1500 - $2000 range, and the Johnson Fitness just down the road from me had this one, so I went to try it out in person. Night and day difference over the previous one I had although that one cost nearly the same price just three years ago. Technology certainly has improved. This one is far more quiet. It feels solid, very little deck movement when I tested, and far, far more options than my previous treadmill had. The information display makes such a huge difference. And even if I have the main display covered with my iPad, I still get all the important data in a row of numbers below. There is so much more information to get here than my old one offered. I also am a fan of how it automatically uploads details to MyFitnessPal, which lets me track my history without having to fill everything into a text document on my laptop. I wish I had the option to change what it reports activity as (running/walking in place) since I'd rather see "Treadmill" or something as the type of activity. I also wish it recorded distance. All it records is calories burned and time. But still better than the other could do. What sold me on it the instant I tested in store a few months ago though was the roller knobs on top of the hand grips, for instant changes in speed and incline. They work great, and I absolutely love that feature. That was the deciding factor for me in the 7.8 over the 7.4. Motor is strong and silent, and the only real noise I get is an odd echo type of sound of the treadmill being pressed against the board underneath it since it runs a bit above it until you step on it. So it's like a small slightly delayed tap on the board with some footsteps. There is only one complaint I have from it - that fan is just useless. One speed (very low) and it blows at my belly button. What use is that? At least the older Horizon I had blew up at my face, and could be adjusted as well. If this was the best they could do on this machine, it's clear they didn't intend it to be USEFUL - it's just there so they can claim parity with the other manufacturers by saying they have a "fan." But don't expect it to be any use whatsoever. Johnson Fitness delivery and setup was absolutely top notch, gold star service. I had moved the old one out of the space, and since they were taking it, they actually disassembled it and removed it, one less thing for me to deal with, and I received a check then a month or so later and was more than satisfied with the amount since otherwise I would've been stuck with it in the garage waiting for someone who would come and take it away for free. The new unit was assembled on the spot, checked, and even all the cardboard and such hauled away. I had to do nothing other than hold the door open for them to bring parts in to make it easier for them. Both of the guys were friendly and professional. I use this every day, without fail. And I've had it now for 6 weeks, and it has been outstanding. Definitely the best money I've spent on my health.

Reviewed on 04/27/2020

account_circlechad davis

Rating of 100 out of 100

This is better than the Peloton Tread

I bought my Horizon 7.8 AT from Maddie at the Rockville Store. She was extremely nice and knowledgeable. As for the 7.8 AT, it simply is the best home treadmill on the market. Before I made my purchase, I tried out every competing brand (Sole, Nordictrack, Peloton, Pro Form, and Spirit). The Horizon 7.8 AT beat them all. The Peloton and Sole were its closest competitors, but comparing Peloton, the Horizon had a faster motor and changed speeds and inclines faster. Plus, its Blue tooth system allows you to sync with Peloton, iFit, and zwift apps. I mounted a 45 inch Samsung on the wall near the treadmill with Apple Play so thats my monitor instead of paying the extra $2700 for a weaker Peloton monitor. I did like the Sole F 85, but the Horizon 7.8 AT still felt better to run on and had more amenities for a cheaper price. The quality of the 7.8 AT feels like a gym quality treadmill. I love the Sprint 8! It is so smooth between speeds and inclines. It also comes with a Heart Monitor thats pretty good, and I can run the heart monitor, as well as pandora, Peloton app, etc. at the same time through its blue tooth system. The sound system on the Horizon 7.8AT is also very good (easily better than the others). The only negative on the 7.8 AT is the fan. It is in a location that really does not do anything. However, the other positives about the 7.8 AT greatly overweighs this negative. I am 6 ft, 210 lbs and running on the machine is quiet- even when I do the HIIT training. It really is built well. I am obsessed with this machine and have used it everyday since it was delivered. (Do yourself a favor and pay the extra money to have them assemble it. It was worth making sure that it was assembled right).

Reviewed on 01/09/2021

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