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Batca Link L-ST Smith Trainer

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Batca Link L-ST Smith Trainer

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Batca Fitness Batca Link L-ST Smith Trainer
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Batca Link L-ST Smith Trainer

Batca Link L-ST Smith Trainer

The Batca Link L-ST Smith Trainer's advanced engineering seamlessly blends mulitple exercises into one beautiful and inviting space efficient machine. All Batca Link Series stations are easy to use and follow the most natural exercise path while safely cradling the user with full body support. Blending the finest materials and teh most cutting edge craftsmanship leads to an incredibly striking and solid machine with the smoothest of movements.

Features & Specifications

  • Freebar safety catches
  • Freebar racking every five inches
  • Chin up/Dip station
  • Olympic bar storage holder
  • Ultra smooth linear bearings
  • Integrated weight holder
  • Dimensions - 5'9" L x 5'11" W x 7'9" H

Commercial Warranty

Frame 10 Years
Moving Parts 3 Years
Cables, Belts, and Other Parts 1 Years
Upholstery & Paint 6 Months

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