10 Ways to Love Exercise When You Hate Working Out

Do you want to love exercise? No matter how hard people try, some are just “stuck” when it comes to working out. Some have tried to overcome it by joining a gym, hiring a trainer or even spending a load of money to deck their basement out with the latest and greatest fitness equipment – thinking the added expense and accountability would provide the needed motivation to turn them into a fitness fanatic.
Didn’t work, did it?
So many people ambitiously attack a new workout program with the goal of finally making fitness a habit and something they enjoy doing, only to find themselves at a dead-end before they’ve reached their goal.
Eventually it becomes a vicious cycle. Is it just that the program wasn’t for them? Or maybe the timing wasn’t right? Life was too busy?
There’s always an excuse in there somewhere.
But, deep down, they know what the problem is – they simply don’t like working out!
It’s hard, it hurts, it’s sweaty, the gym smells, they feel ridiculous in those workout clothes, and they just don’t have it in them.
But they continue to envy those who do love the gym, attack workouts with passion and purpose, and, of course, get the great results that go along with regular workouts.
If you fall into the “I Don’t Love Exercise But Want To” category, there’s hope for you! Here are 10 ways to love exercise when you hate working out. Take a look at some of these tips that will get you on the right path to making fitness a staple in your daily routine:

1. Commit to Being Consistent

This is an absolute MUST! Make a commitment to a regular workout routine. Life will try getting in the way, results may be slow, you may have a little stumble here and there, but you cannot throw in the towel and call it quits. Stick to it!

2. Doing Workouts You Enjoy Will Teach You to Love Exercise

This is a big one. With all of the different activities and fitness choices out there today, there has to be something you enjoy doing. It may take some time to find it, but once you do you’ll know it. Attack it with a passion!

3. Kick In The Endorphins

During the course of a workout, the brain releases chemicals called endorphins into the body. The primary effect of these chemicals is to counter the pain and discomfort of a workout….kind of the body’s way of dealing with physical stress. Endorphins also induce a “feel good” factor where the harder you push, the greater the feeling of euphoria and the better you feel afterward. The problem with many people who don’t enjoy exercise is that they only put in minimal effort and their body simply hasn’t been tested enough to release the endorphins and experience the satisfaction that follows an awesome workout.

4. Find A Workout Friend

Having a workout partner is one of the most effective ways to be accountable and make your workouts fun. Throw in a little friendly competition for some extra motivation.

5. Join a Group

There are some excellent group workout options that are available. Again, you have the accountability of being part of a group and the social aspect is a big plus for many people looking to enjoy their exercise experience.

6. Crank The Music

Studies show that listening to music that you enjoy is a big motivating factor when it comes to working out. Not feeling up for that workout? Hit play on your favorite play list and you’re sure to want to move!

7. Dress The Part

Sometimes little things like new shoes or workout clothes provide a big boost when it comes to your workout routine. If you look good than you might as well put it to use and show it off!

8. Focus on Short-Term Goals

While the ultimate goal of working out may be to look good, you should focus on short-term goals first. Put less time into worrying about the numbers on the scale and think about feeling better, moving better and the sense of accomplishment that comes with a good workout. Each day you do that you’ll be that much closer to accomplishing your bigger long-term goals.

9. Track Your Fitness

People love seeing real-time results, so fitness trackers can be a great way to motivate and push your workouts to new levels.

10. Learn to Love Exercise by Rewarding Yourself

Doing something that’s good for you on a consistent basis is a big accomplishment, so don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done. It can be anything from a small purchase for yourself to a fancy night out. Just be sure to get back at it and focus on your next milestone.

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About the writer: Ken Grall is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and owns and operates an Edge Fitness in Madison, Wisconsin. Learn more about Ken.

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