This running mom found the perfect "nap-time" treadmill

I recently bought a new treadmill and couldn’t be happier with my decision. As an extremely busy mom of three young children, running is my sanity during nap time. I previously had a treadmill from another manufacturer that “got the job done,” but nothing more than that. It was loud, clunky and the manufacturing was poor. The last straw was a nearly blown ACL from the belt breaking.

I’m an avid runner who trains for half marathons on a regular basis and averages about 20-30 miles per week if not more. My husband does equal training, so we needed something that could withstand constant use and be durable.

Doing my research, I came up with the Elite T9 from Horizon Fitness. My husband and I got it home and started putting it together. The step-by-step directions were very easy to follow and made the assembly process a no brainer. It took us less than an hour. It has a spring loaded fold up for space saving and easy storage. We connected and set it up to our Wifi and started exploring the machine more.

My old treadmill seemed to take forever to adjust from different speeds (4.0mph to 7.0mph), whereas the T9 does this within seconds. It’s very user friendly, but yet technology driven which is a bonus for my generation. The best part for me is it’s EXTREMELY quiet and the belt is so smooth, it’s the next best thing to running outside. Running for me has never been easy per se, but this treadmill makes running a bit more addicting. With the T9’s wifi connection, the possibilities seem endless. There’s a Virtual Active option which allows you to appear as your running through a serene forest or on a relaxing beach. It also allows for you to have a ViaFit account which you can sync to your smartphone. You can keep track of your workouts and the data is saved. This option allows you to workout while traveling and you can continue to track workouts on the road. You can plug your phone into the console and stream or listen to saved music from your phone. It gives you the option for headphones or there are two large speakers.

When I was choosing the Elite T9 treadmill I thought it would be a “good” fit. Well, that’s an understatement. This treadmill is the cadillac of treadmills. I would rate it 10 stars out of 5 and highly recommend to others.

– Lisa C.
Cottage Grove, WI



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