Ask an Expert: Fitness for New Moms

Question: As a new mom, there are days I can barely get a shower, let alone eat right and exercise. Do you have any tricks to help me lose the baby weight, while still caring for my newborn? — Julia
Congratulations on your new family member! While it may seem like the baby weight takes forever to come off, you’re probably been burning a lot of calories just through sleep deprivation and your new mother duties!
But to answer your question on fitness for new moms, for the biggest impact on body composition and metabolism, take advantage of short windows of opportunity to squeeze in intense sessions of cardio or strength training.
If you’re struggling with a training plan, you can even use the interval setting on your Horizon home fitness equipment for an effective workout in just 20 minutes. When it comes to nutrition, preparation will be your best friend. Use your smart-phone or tablet for meal planning and recipe research during nap times and delegate shopping and meal preparation, whenever possible.


Look for a time of day that is a little easier on you and baby (it probably isn’t in the evening!) to do some of the prep work you need for healthy grab-and-go options or to throw food into your slow cooker.
Lastly, try to be patient. Remember that you, your family, and your body are all going through some of the biggest changes you’ll ever experience. Take this transition one day at a time. Days won’t always go according to plan (welcome to motherhood!), but with flexible planning and preparation, you’ll find yourself progressing in no time.
About the writer: Joli Guenther is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and clinical social worker practicing in and around Madison, Wisconsin. Learn more on the Meet Our Writers page.

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