Beat Sedentary Life Style Health Risks Using your Fitness Equipment at Home

If you’re contemplating an investment in fitness equipment for your home, consider this…recent research demonstrates that decreasing the amount of time we spend sitting each day is at least as important to our health as the amount of time we spend exercising. Click here for a summary of findings. Although cutting edge office furniture, such as treadmill desks, may help a few beat the health risks of a desk job, for most of us the key is to decrease sedentary time outside of the office. Your Horizon fitness equipment can help you find places to squeeze in exercise by using it during times you’d normally spend sitting. Try using your recumbent bike while reading or your treadmill while watching television. Click here to find out how every little bit of physical activity makes a difference in your fitness level and health. Even incidental daily activities (such as chores or shopping) will help reduce the health risks of a sedentary life. However, to really gain the most fitness and weight loss potential from the time you spend exercising, keep the intensity high. Your Horizon fitness equipment can help you do that through the aerobic or interval settings on many models.

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