The Surprising Way Home Design Affects Your Health

From your front door to your kitchen, here are some practical ways to organize and arrange your home to directly support you in building healthy habits.


Catching Up with Carmelita Jeter, Fastest Woman in the World

We got to sit down with Carmelita Jeter, Fastest Woman in the World, Olympic Champion and World Record Holder, to learn about her workout routine, how she motivates herself and what kinds of workouts she recommends. Check out the full interview below!   How often should you sprint if you are a competitive runner? Once […]

yoga posture breath awareness

Working Deeper with Your Breath in your Yoga Practice

I often tell my students that breath awareness, one of the major benefits of yoga, is the difference between practicing yoga and simply stretching. Becoming aware of your breath and exploring its effect on your body will deepen your practice and strengthen yoga posture. Pranayama (often referred to as breathing yoga exercises) is an integral […]


CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Classic Pesto

The best thing about a classic is that it never gets old. Pesto is arguably one of the most versatile sauces in cooking. Add it to pasta, use it as a dip, or even add it to soups to add an earthy richness. The greatest part about pesto is that once you learn the foundation […]


5 Signs It's Time to Switch Up Your Workout Routine

A common question every fitness enthusiast will deal with at some point is, “when do you know it’s time to change-up your workout routine?” This can be a challenge for a lot of people, especially those who do not like change.  For some of you, it took a while to find something you really like […]


6 Tips for Exercising with Joint Pain

6 tips for exercising when you suffer from joint pain — how to increase mobility and strength while decreasing pain so you can get a great workout.


CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Open-Face Cucumber Sandwich

This isn’t your grandma’s cucumber sandwich. This crisp and refreshing sandwich is a nice ode to the end of summer and beginning of fall. Dress this up with whatever dressing or keep it simple with a dab of mayo. The addition of the Adobo chili sauce adds a smoky spice that rounds out the fresher […]


Pre-Workout Nutrition

As you establish your training plan, it’s important to support your activity through sound pre-workout nutrition. The most common struggles related to sports nutrition includes not eating enough, eating the wrong foods at the wrong times, or skipping workout nutrition entirely. Let’s take a closer look at how skipping a pre-workout meal can set you back […]


CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: It's a Kale Party Salad

We all know the “obligatory salad” at every potluck. A lot of the times it’s bland, under- or overdressed, and a lot less appealing than anything else at the table. If someone is gonna bring the salad, might as well make it good – right? That’s where this salad comes in. Though it’s deceptively simple, […]

Product Reviews

Inspire M2 Multi Gym – Home Gym Review

Inspire M2 Multi Gym – Review by Bob Cooke The Inspire Fitness M2 Home Gym provides versatility and ease of use within a very compact footprint. All adjustments are very easy to perform and the motion is super smooth. The M2 is very well constructed. The cables are commercially rated making them very durable. The […]


3 Mistakes You’re Making When Buying Used Equipment

It’s 5:30 p.m. on a weekday and in the back of your mind you know that you should probably work out. Finally, you get enough resolve to change out of your work clothes into some gym clothes.   Do I have enough time to drive to the gym? You glance at the clock on your […]


CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Grilled Corn & Avocado Salad

It’s corn season! What better way to make use of the last of summer than to grill some corn. Corn on its own is always delicious, but take it up a notch by adding it into a nutritious and filling salad! This recipe also makes a great swap out for your typical potato salad. The […]

CSA Haul Recipe Zucchini steamy slices

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Steamy Zucchini Slices

Want an easy way to make use of your plentiful garden bounty? Sometimes your food grows faster than you can eat it! This is the perfect summer dish to make for a lazy weekday dinner when you want something healthy but don’t have a lot of time. Use up all of that zucchini, tomato, and basil […]


Transitioning from Indoor to Outdoor Running

Treadmills are a great tool to have in every runner’s arsenal. They make sticking to your workouts possible during the winter months, spring rain, and summer heat. They can also make it safer to stick to your running plan when your schedule and family demands leave you training during off hours. That said, if you want […]

Clean Running Shoes

Finally, The Right Way To Clean Running Shoes

Use these 9 simple steps to clean running shoes properly — avoid unwanted foot odor and extend the life of your running shoes.

csa haul creamy cauliflower recipe

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Creamy Cauliflower

Cauliflower has had a resurgence in the last few years. The great thing about cauliflower is its versatility. While it’s great raw and has a satisfying crunch, you can manipulate the texture of cauliflower by roasting, boiling, or steaming. It also provides the perfect backdrop because of its mild flavor. Add the vegetable into mashed […]

csa haul recipe maple sumac carrots

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Maple Sumac Carrots

Ever tried cooking with sumac? Sumac comes from the sumac berry and it has a tart taste that is akin to vinegar or lemon. The fun part about cooking with sumac is the beautiful reddish purple hue that it gives to any dish. A great way to start off using sumac in your dishes is […]

Massage Chair for Home Benefits

Massage Chair Benefits Include Recovery and Relaxation

If you’ve ever experienced a post-workout massage, you probably don’t need much convincing to understand its benefits.  Receiving a massage after a tough workout may reduce muscle stiffness, improve range of motion, and increase blood flow, all of which improve recovery for your next workout.  The benefits of post-workout massage are even backed by research.  […]

CSA Haul lemon dijon green beans

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Lemon-Dijon Green Beans

This week we got a batch of delicious green beans in our CSA haul. Sometimes you want your green beans to be simple with just a pinch of salt. Other times, you want your green beans to be bright and lively – this was one of those times. The addition of kalamata olives and almonds […]

csa haul recipe of the week sautéed zucchini over polenta

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Sautéed Zucchini Over Polenta

Zucchini may not be new to your diet, but have you tried polenta? This versatile grain is the dinner version of grits. Polenta can be creamy or you can wait for it to harden a bit, slice it up, and grill it a bit. It works as the perfect backdrop for this zucchini sauté (and […]

Benefits of Professional Delivery & Installation by Johnson Fitness & Wellness

Benefits of Professional Delivery and Installation for your Fitness Equipment

The benefits of utilizing Johnson Fitness & Wellness Professional Fitness Equipment Technicians to handle your fitness equipment delivery and installation begins with safety and ends with the stress-free experience of starting your home fitness routine. Benefits of Professional Delivery and Installation of Fitness Equipment 1. Our experienced, professional fitness equipment technicians are trained by the […]

CSA HAUL recipe of the week rainbow swiss chard

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Rainbow Chard Sauté

If you’re looking to add a little color to your food, then rainbow Swiss chard is the way to go! The thick stalks come in a variety of different colors, from red to yellow or green, and all have a mildly bitter taste. If you’re a big fan of arugula, then give rainbow Swiss chard […]

medicine ball partner workout

A Fun Partner Workout with a Medicine Ball

Whitney Wells created this fun medicine ball workout to do with a workout partner! Try to use a weight that works for both of you and, if you have options available, don’t be afraid to switch out weights between exercises. For this particular workout, an 8-10 pound medicine ball worked perfectly for us. Did you […]

Fennel and Cabbage Slaw CSA Haul Recipe

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Fennel and Cabbage Slaw

Looking for a way to up the ante on your classic slaw recipe? This version features fennel bulbs which are perfectly in season this time of year and add a nice kick to the dish. Fennel seeds are often used to season Italian bratwursts, so this fennel slaw is a great pairing for those summertime grill […]

Matrix T75 Treadmill with XIR Console - Treadmill Review

Matrix T75 Treadmill with XIR Console – Treadmill Review

Matrix T75 Treadmill with XIR Console – Review by J Fitzmaurice The Matrix T75 Treadmill gives you a superior running experience without the stress on your joints. It’s Ultimate Deck System uses industrial grade cushions to absorb your impact with each foot strike. The heavy duty frame that the treadmill is built on allows even […]

Outdoor Family Fitness Games

Outdoor BBQ Games for Family Fitness

Need an excuse to head outside?  Whether you’re hanging with kids, the whole family, or just adults, outdoor games will do the trick.  With options for every budget, fitness level, and age, outdoor games are a great way to socialize and stay active at your next gathering.  Here are some outdoor family fitness games to […]

CSA Haul Recipe Sugar Snap Peas Sesame Soba Noodles

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Snap Pea Sesame Soba Noodles

Last week, we got a nice batch of farm-fresh sugar snap peas in our CSA haul. Resident amateur chef, Claire Tomm, got inspired by the hot summer heatwave that’s been hitting us! Here is a vegan AND gluten-free recipe that’s a lot easier than it looks. Soba is typically an East Asian noodle dish that is […]

CSA Haul Recipe Roasted Beet Flatbread Pizza

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Roasted Beet Flatbread Pizza

If you’re looking for a new way to cook up some beets, look no further! This is a simple, but delicious recipe that really lets the flavors of the ingredients shine through. You can also adjust the recipe by adding different vegetables or even making a vegan version of this by swapping out the goat […]

CSA recipe haul kale pesto grilled flatbread pizza

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Kale Pesto on Grilled Pizza

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have realized that kale has had quite the renaissance lately. From smoothies to salads, this power food has gone from garnish to house staple – and for good reason. Kale is robust to withstand various methods of cooking while still maintaining its structure but mild enough […]

Exercising in the Summer Heat and How to Stay Safe

Surprising Benefits of Exercising in the Summer Heat (and How to Stay Safe!)

Tempted to head for the comfort of an air-conditioned studio when the summer heat hits? You may want to re-think your training plans.  Working out in the summer heat leads to quick improvements in fitness. This process, known scientifically as heat adaptation, can be applied to any workout format.  Turn up the intensity of your […]

Matrix T50 Treadmill with XIR Console - Award Winning Treadmill Review

Matrix T50 Treadmill with XIR Console – Review

Matrix Fitness T50 Treadmill with XIR Console – Review by Tyler Bastianelli The Matrix T50 Treadmill is a top of the line machine with many features to enhance your workout and keep you coming back for more each time. With a 3.25 HP DC Johnson Drive System, Ultimate Deck System, and 2-ply, 2.2mm belt, this […]

CSA Seasonal Radish and Carrot Salad

CSA Haul Recipe of the Week: Radish and Carrot Salad

Gardening season is in full force and we’ve been inspired! If you’ve never heard of Community Supported Agriculture shares, you have been missing out. Signing up for a CSA program is like having a subscription to local, fresh produce. You can usually choose how often and how much you want to sign up for and […]

Summertime workouts on playground

Summertime Fitness for the Whole Family

As summer continues, you might find yourself wondering how to fit in time for your training program. Entertaining and carpooling school-aged children for their summer schedules can take a bite out of even the most dedicated parent’s fitness routine. Here are a few ideas to keep you and your family on track this summer. Head […]

employee spotlight get to know johnson fitness and wellness

Get to Know Us! Employee Spotlight – Howard Olinsky

You know that spark you see in someone’s eye when they start talking about something they love? That’s Howard Olinsky when you ask him about fitness. Before you assume that he was your typical athlete whose life revolved around keeping active, he’ll be the first to tell you that he wasn’t always this way.   […]

7 Outdoor Workouts to Melt Fat

7 Outdoor Workouts To Melt Fat And Build Muscle

Skip the gym and get outside! Get these 7 fat-melting outdoor workouts you can do on playground equipment or in a park with hills, stairs or sand.

Gardening Exercise

How to Celebrate National Gardening for Exercise Day

Having a hard time choosing between caring for your summer garden and time in the gym? Why not combine them? Gardening is the original functional exercise, burning 200 to 400 calories per hour (even more if you add in heavy landscaping work). Celebrate National Gardening for Exercise Day on June 6th by leveling up your […]

5 reasons athletes should be getting massages

Top 5 Reasons Athletes should be getting Massages

Tough daily training sessions. Weekend races and competitions. Pushing your limits to hit a PR. Athletes live life differently.  You ask more from your body, you skirt the line between injury and performance, and you also know that anything that improves your recovery can improve your training.  While the benefits of massages include everything from […]

best foam rolling tips for runners

Best Foam Rolling Moves for Runners

We did a Facebook Live with the people over at Fleet Feet on the best foam rolling moves for people that run. Have you ever tried foam rolling? Check out the whole video here! The Benefits of Foam Rolling Eliminates adhesions in your muscles and connective tissues – this helps keep your fascia moving freely, […]

National Running Day - 5 Ways to Make Running Fun

5 Ways to keep running fun and boost your motivation

Let’s face it, sometimes running can be a drag. Whether it’s because we run the same old route or distance, or we’re just lacking the love, trying the following five fun-boosting strategies can lift the spirit of your workouts and inspire you to once again run happy.   1. Mix up the terrain. Get out […]

Massages for Mom

Why Massages are a Parent's Best Friend

It’s no secret that parenting is a stressful job.  A never-ending to-do list, sleep deprivation, and a schedule that leaves little time for self-care can leave moms and dads struggling.  On top of that, the hectic pace of parenting frequently means that we sacrifice self-care for quick fixes (wine anyone?) while balancing our family’s needs. […]