Have the Courage to Try Sprint 8 – It's for Beginners too!

Sprint 8 is the perfect fitness solution for beginners to experienced athletes.

You may have heard about the scientifically proven Sprint 8 program that will blast up to 27% of your body fat away in just 8 weeks. If this sounds intimidating, it really isn’t. You can accomplish this goal in exercising for 20 minutes a day for 3 days a week. The goal of Sprint 8 is to get in your workout quick and efficiently.

What Does the Sprint 8 Workout Look Like?

You guessed it! The Sprint 8 Workout includes 8 sprints, but they are only 30 seconds each. After each sprint there is a 90 second recovery phase. Depending on your level will determine your speed and incline ranges.
Sprint 8 Workout - What the Workout Looks Like.

Sprint 8 Levels – For Beginners or Elites or Anyone Between

Sprint 8 Levels - Beginner through Elite
Within the program you can choose your comfort/fitness level. You will want to push yourself during these sprints – you should be out of breath after each one. But don’t let the word “sprint” scare you away. For example the very first Beginner level consists of sprinting at 3% incline at a 3.2 mph speed. The recovery then is at 0% incline and 1.5 mph. You can then make adjustments as you get more comfortable or make gains – because you will. ☺

Sprint 8 - Beginner Level

Level One’s 8 Sprints by Speed and Incline for both the Sprint and Recovery

Want to see the program yourself? Go to your local fitness store to try it out!
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About the writer: Melissa Pitney is the Digital Project Coordinator and enjoys working out. She has been using the Sprint 8 program to get back on track after the birth of her son.

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