Fool-Proof Methods for Meeting Your New Year's Resolutions

The right New Year’s resolution is a powerful way to state your intentions for the coming year.  Whether you choose to focus on improving your health, body image, or stress reduction, your fitness plan should support this goal.  Keep your fitness resolution from losing momentum before Valentine’s Day by trying a new tool to stay on track.
You probably already know that making your New Year’s Resolutions specific and measurable will make them more meaningful.  Identify your larger goals and achieve them by setting smaller, attainable goals (think of them as milestones).  This will increase your accountability and show your progress along the way.   Here are few common New Year’s resolutions… and pointers on using the right methods to get there.


If you’re new to exercising but know that it’s something you should do, getting started is a great goal.  The mental and physical benefits from as little as ten minutes of aerobic exercise include reducing stress level and improving cardiovascular health.  Make this resolution stick by providing a way to measure success.  This will help you avoid unrealistic expectations and frustrations.
Set a specific resolution using preprogrammed Goal settings on your home fitness console, catering to what motivates you. You can set weekly goals for the for the time, distance, or calories you will cover during your workouts.  While this is more forgiving than daily expectations, it still increases your accountability.
If you’re just getting started, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times per week will improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, as well as benefit your mental health.  Setting this as an initial goal and adding on to it over time, will increase your success in establishing an exercise program.
The best part about this plan, is that you control the pace and distance.  Increase these over time, initially focusing on successfully setting and sticking to an achievable workout plan.


Whether your goal is to start running, PR your next 5K, or finish your first half marathon, you’re focused on improving your performance.  The key to making that happen is to set up a training plan that includes measurable achievements.  The nature of those achievements depends on your personal performance goal.
If you simply want to start running, pick a zero to running plan and schedule your training runs. To improve your running performance, start introducing speed and tempo work.  Winter treadmill running is a great way to do this.  Your treadmill console allows you to set the pace for your training run so that you can gradually increase your pace.  Increase your pace every week or two to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution.
The Training functions of your equipment console can also help.  Settings such as intervals and rolling hills mimic the challenges of outdoor conditions.  This sets you up for better performance as you transition to outdoor training next spring.
Not a runner?  These Training programs will keep you accountable as a cyclist as well.  You can even use them with your elliptical for no-impact cross training.


After the excesses of the holiday, this is everyone’s favorite New Year’s Resolution.  If you’ve had a hard time being successful in the past, it’s also one of the scariest. Knowing that maintainable weight loss will require a gradual approach and a long-term commitment can make the slow process overwhelming.  The trick to making this resolution successful is to focus on making the changes that will lead to your weight loss.
In addition to regular exercise, food journaling is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.  Just the process of logging your meals will make you more mindful of the calories you consume.  With countless on-line communities and apps, food journaling has come a long way.  Using ViaFit, you can upload your workouts directly from your home fitness equipment console.  The calories burned will let you know what you’ve got to work with in your meal plan.
These workouts will also demonstrate the difference that intensity and effort make in the number of calories you burn.  To increase your post workout calorie burn, add in intervals and more intense training options.


This resolution will increase your accountability if you can specify a level of a level of performance or change in body composition. If you’re already working out regularly and just want to take it up a notch in 2018, there are ways to make your workouts better.
Sprint 8 programming, included on Vision and Matrix lines of equipment, is like having your own coach creating an individualized, fat blasting, 20 minute interval workout.  This patented workout is proven to decrease bodyfat and waist circumference, improve cardiovascular fitness, and even increase Human Growth Hormone, counteracting the aging process.  Sprint 8 workouts are individualized to your level of fitness (It’s for beginners too!).
Other forms of interval training and adding strength training into your cardiovascular workouts will also make them even better. Commit to including two or more of these intense workouts each week to up your post exercise calorie burn, making it easier to burn fat and get fitter.
As you jump into your New Year’s training and diet plan, take a little time to set measurable goals.  While your home fitness equipment gives you the tools to succeed, the right plan will go a long way in making your New Year’s resolutions stick.  Before you finish your planning session, schedule another time to check in and review your progress.  If you’re just getting started, a weekly review of your training and progress will be helpful.
If your habits are established and you just want to become more effective, a monthly or bi-monthly review can be enough.  As you put your plan into action, spend a little time making it meaningful to you.  Asking yourself why you are focused on your goal and picturing the results of your long-term investment will help to keep you motivated and on track.

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