Healthy Halloween Treats


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Looking for ways to challenge the endless sugar fest this Halloween?  Halloween is a lot of fun but the overwhelming candy and junk food is really something to fear!  No need to scream!  We’ve got ghoulish delights that will let you celebrate scaring you to death.  From traditional favorites to family friendly dinners, here is some healthy Halloween inspiration.  We’ve even thrown in some scary sweets for your favorite ghosts and goblins!

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin!


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Nothing says Halloween more than pumpkins.  Like apples, pumpkins add moisture to baked goods, increasing the appeal of whole grain flours and lower fat recipes. Go beyond pumpkin bars by adding pumpkin to your oatmeal cookies (or just your oatmeal!). Ghostly Pumpkin Puddings  are a healthy Halloween treat that will remind you of your favorite pumpkin pie.   You can also create a diet friendly pumpkin pie substitution using vanilla pudding mix.

Apple Inspiration


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When you need a healthy Halloween treat, you can’t go wrong with apples. Caramel apples are fine if you can manage a little sugar.  Your Halloween treat will come with a healthy dose of fiber and nutrients.  Don’t bother with the pre-packaged apples shipped in to your local big box store.  Head to your local orchard or make your own at home.  Roll them in crushed almonds to up the superfood ratio.  For an even healthier Halloween twist, whole apples or apple slices dipped in dark chocolate is a decadent, anti-oxidant packed crowd pleaser.  Need something for the little monsters in your life?  They’ll love these adorable apple monsters using your favorite nut butter and berries for garnish.  In baked goods, apples naturally add moisture and texture.  This allows you to use less fat, as in these apple cupcakes with whole wheat flour.

Freakish Fruits


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Frightful fruits can go beyond apples.  Dip dried fruits and nuts in dark chocolate for a travel friendly alternative to apples. Dried mangos and apricots provide a festive orange and black presentation.  Kid friendly clementines (pieces or the whole fruit) will also work well.  While you’re dipping, cover your strawberries with white chocolate and give these ghostly goodies a try.  Banana Spiders will delight your littles when they appear on the breakfast table or in their lunches. Hollowed out oranges and grapefruits make adorable “Snack-o-Lanterns” that will fly off the buffet.  Or keep it simple by serving orange sherbet with a topping of blackberries and a sprinkle of chocolate chips.

Scary Snacks


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Pumpkin seeds and popcorn balls are two traditional favorites that have their place in a healthy household.  For a more adult approach, combine them in these Sweet and Spicy Pepitas Popcorn Balls.  Or just stick to roasted seeds at your next pumpkin carving.  The trick to success is boiling the seeds first in salted water and before adding your favorite seasonings and a reasonable amount of healthy fat.  Finally, it’s no secret that veggies can be a tough sell when candy is everywhere.  Keep trying.  Presenting them as an adorable Veggie Skeleton can’t hurt.  Check out these Vegan friendly Bloody Falafel Fingers for foods that will help you to counter the sugar overload.

Quick, Creepy Dinners


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Even on a weeknight, Halloween dinner can be a spooky celebration.  Kick up your crock pot turkey chili by adding pumpkin, perfect for a quick dinner before or after trick or treating.  Bell Peppers make adorable Jack-o-Lanterns (prep these ahead of time).  Stuffing them with chicken and rice will help to keep the fat count under control. Eyeball Pasta, using spinach fettucine, is a meatless option that will have your ghosties giggling with delight!
It’s easy to keep your Halloween Treats healthy.  Maximize flavors with seasonal foods and follow your imagination for presentation.  Halloween is an invitation to bring out our inner child and celebrate the unexpected.  Enjoy your treats and have a Healthy Halloween!

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