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Torque Armament 8 Rig - X1 Package

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Torque Torque Armament 8 Rig - X1 Package
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Torque Armament 8 Rig - X1 Package

Torque Armament 8 Rig - X1 Package

The Armament 8 X1 Rig Package adds bar catches, ball targets and ground rotational trainers to the already well-equipped Armament 8. Other available options include additional storage and universal heavy bag anchors. Contact us to customize.


  • 2 Multi-grip pull up bar
  • 8 vertical Olympic weight plate holders
  • 6 horizontal Olympic weight plate holders
  • 4 Olympic Bar holders
  • 2 6' Functional accessory trays
  • 2 Ball targets
  • 2 Ground Rotational Trainers aka Landmines
  • 2 Sets of bar catches for increased lifter safety
  • Lower resistance band pegs
  • 3"x 3" base with brackets for solid footing and option to bolt to the floor
  • Compatible with many X-Rack attachments & Cage attachments
  • Alternate upright color and height options available
Upright Height Options Standard 8 ft (XRACK-8U) Optional 7.5 ft (XRACK-7.5U) Optional 9 ft (XRACK-9U)
Upright Color Options Storm Grey, High Wear Red, Blue, Orange, and Platinum
Footprint 173.9” x 53.8” (442 cm x 137 cm)
Commercial Warranty
Frame & Welds 10 Years
Parts 1 Year
Misc. 90 days

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